ViFit Gadget

A week or so ago, both me and Claire were looking on the UK Groupon website and we came across these wonderful  little gadgets called ViFit Activity Tracker.  It’s turned out to be a great little contraption.  Basically you log in online and put in your weight and height, and it works out roughly your stride measurement, ansd then it goes on to collate all the data from your day.  Clip it to the waistband of your trousers and it counts the steps, and calculates from that how many calories you’ve burnt off during your walking, the distance covered, and the time you are active.  Also when asleep it tracks your movement to let you know how still/tossing-turning  you were during the night.  Let’s just say mine at night looks like the New York skyline at night with peaks and troughs.  (Not been sleeping well for a while now)

Anyway here are my stats from the past few days, when I have set myself a goal of doing atleast 7000 steps a day…

ViFit activityNeed to start burning off a few more calories I think haha


Happy New Year

I hope everyone has had a great festive period and all ready for the rigors of work again  :lol: Didn’t really seem like Christmas this year as Claire also commented.  Seemed more like we’d got the parents round for a sunday dinner and had a few drinks, Boxing day went really quickly as we did the usual of going round to Claire’s Granmothers for dinner/tea, then before you know it 2 weeks has gone by and it’s New Years Day!!

Here’s to a great 2014

Relaxing weekend away – Day 2

So the Saturday was Claire’s birthday “A Very Happy Birthday to you my dear” and so we woke up and she sat and opened her cards as we awaited Jackie and Andy’s arrival “Late Morning”  Once they got there we had a coffee to warm ourselves up, before planning a route to go out on to take Oscar.  We decided that the best one for photos would be along the ridge of one of the hills, but I think we took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up doing a nice 5/6 mile-ish walk around some fields hehe.

Nice change of scenery from Mansfield

I have to say some of the views we saw were pretty breath taking and part of our plan seemed to work.  With no-one else around for miles Oscar seemed in his element running around fetching his ball/stick anything he fancied.  It’s safe to say that the dog has a whole load more energy than I could possibly comprehend.

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Relaxing weekend away – Day 1

So after a couple of months planning, it was finally here.  We were going to head off to Youlgrave (There are 2 spellings that and Youlgreave) to spend a nice relaxing weekend away with Oscar for Claire’s birthday.  We got there around half 2 ish and walked down what can only be described as an almost sheer vertical path till we found the cottage.  It was a beautiful little cottage and the view was amazing from the window/terrace garden.

View from the bedroom window

Once we had settled in and got everything unpacked, which included 4 daunting trips up this massively steep hill to the car to get our stuff, as Claire helped try to settle Oscar down, we took him down to the river you can just see in the photo above.  As we imagined he was pulling like mad down to the river, as he was experiencing a million and one different smells to his normal walks, and once he saw the river, he kinda looked up to us after we’d let him off his lead, and in one moment that look said “Laters… I’m off to get wet”  A little further down the river were some cows grazing.  Or atleast they were until Oscar decided that he was going to chase them.   Whilst he was in playful mood, chasing them around all I could think of or say was “Think of the frigging vet’s bill if one of them decide to kick Oscar”  8-O

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Android wordpress

Since we will be going away next weekend I am trying out this android WordPress app so I can set up some posts with a few pics of Oscar and then publish them when I get back :-)